“With Sandra’s help, we’ve accomplished more in six months than we have in 5 years.” – Stephen Schmidt, Vice President, Electronic Musical Instruments Division, Casio America

"Sandra's belief in the positive power of arts education comes through in everything she does.  Her connections to leaders in business and education combined with her knowledge of policy and pedagogy have been of great value to the development of the Lennon Bus project." -- Brian Rothschild, Co-Founder/Executive Director, John Lennon Educational Tour Bus
"As the writer of TIME for Kids: Kids in the Kitchen Cookbook, Sandra Jordan contributed beyond her writing, which is always dynamic and engaging. She brought in her expertise in the fields of education, partnership and the arts, in order to pull all the elements together and make a cohesive product targeted to a specific audience. Those multi-layered skills are also evident in the marketing campaign that she recently developed." -- Raul Rodriguez, Director, R Studio T
"Sandra's professional skills, knowledge and understanding of the arts sector has been invaluable to the International Society for Music Education in its recent strategic development. Through Sandra we have been able to establish much stronger international links with colleagues in the music business world and to develop a more systematic approach to the development of mutually beneficial partnerships." -- President, International Society for Music Education, Professor and Head, Department of Early Childhood and Primary Education; Institute of Education, University of London

"Sandra Jordan has a genuine willingness to connect people, work on projects, and make things happen.  I love her insight into the way organizations work, and her ability to figure out how to work within those parameters to get things done.  She has an extensive resource of people and ideas, and she loves to bring people together so that goals are accomplished.  She is fully committed to helping further the cause of music and education, and to ensure that our publication is there every step of the way. I am proud to work with her on projects, and to partner with her." -- Merlin David, Publisher, M Music & Musicians magazine
"Thanks for doing a GREAT job to bring focus to arts education via the local alliance. We’re in such better shape thanks to your passionate leadership and excellent ability to expand the base. We’re well prepared for a positive next phase of development." -- Jim Gilliam, Arts Administrator, City of Encinitas
"Sandy is one-in-many-million; her extraordinary contribution to the (music) profession continues to have a profound impact on every aspect of our collective journey.  Above-and-beyond her countless successes as key player in the music world, Sandy is has an enormous heart, and her signature work is always laced with a heavy dose of CARING and SHARING.  She redefines servitude leadership; her positive, powerful, and pragmatic approach to every problem-resolution outcome is trademarked with her sensitive and firmly gentle style.  Above all, Sandra Jordan delivers; she is success driven and she always postures herself as a team player.  She brings to the table a wealth of information along with a genuine desire to use it in a fashion that supports the welfare of the entire profession." -- Dr. Tim Lautzenheiser, Director of Education, Conn-Selmer
"You have been so instrumental in such a short period of time helping us develop new partnerships..." -- Dr. Timothy Baird, Superintendent, Encinitas Union School District
"Sandra sees the potential in partnerships beyond the obvious and practical, imbues those possibilities with their true creative potential and is able to articulate that vision to her clients. She does a masterful job of creating the space for possibilities to emerge, allowing conversations and collaborations to blossom and achieve their true potential. She has brought both intelligence and inspirational spark to all our collaborations. Her presentations are insightful and compelling, creating awareness of the greatest potential within the relationships she has helped birth. Her judgments as to organizations most compatible with our own mission have been spot on." -- John Fitzgerald, Manager, Recreational Music Activities, Remo, Inc.
"As a member of the Board of Directors of Music for All, Sandra always adds great insight to our debate on educational issues.  Her experience enables her to see both sides of an issue and she always has something meaningful to contribute." --Gayle W. Doster, Chair, Music For All
"Sandra's network in and in-depth understanding of the US educational market for music is coupled with strong professionalism and outstanding sense for people and their respective viewpoints. I warmly recommend Sandra Jordan's services to anyone in need of placing them selves close to the core of the business and its decision makers on all levels." -- Andreas Sundgren, former CEO, DoReMIR Music Research