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Key clients: 
  • Bob Moog Foundation
  • CASIO America
  • Ravi Unites, Inc.
  • Planned Lifetime Assistance Network of New Jersey

Key Clients:

Key clients: 
  • CASIO America
  • Planned Lifetime Assistance Network of New Jersey/PLANNJ
  • J3Music Studios
  • Salone Rising

It's a new season for us all. During times of change, we ask: is the year developing according to plan? What about you -- Got Plans? I can help!  In addition to strategic program, partner, and communications development, I offer strategic planning services. 

A strategic plan for your business helps you write the aspirational headline about for where you'll be in 12, 18 or 24 months.  Planning helps you see a new horizon, reaching even greater heights of personal and professional success. I'll help you get ready for the next year’s curves so you can take them with greater ease. With a strategic plan, you’ll take the journey that you envision, rather than the journey taking you on an uncertain ride. 

Sesame Workshop So proud to have played a role in developing the newest social impact initiative, Sesame Street and Autism: See Amazing in All ChildrenMy job: Interim Program Director leading the many teams (research, content, production, finance, legal) involved in producing interactive tools, videos, a storybook, and other helpful resources designed to help families and young children build an understanding and awareness around autism. 

CASIO America Since July, we've donated over 200 digital pianos nationwide for studio and home practice to Nashville's W.O. Smith School of Music, Notes for Notes student recording schools (in Boys & Girls Clubs with the Country Music Association), and the Berklee City Music Network.  My job: align Casio's electronic musical instrument division with worthy nonprofit partners, supporting and developing initiatives to create greater access to quality musical instruments. Seek opportunities to align with STEM to STEAM initiatives. Lead the Higher Education, Higher Impact initiative. Attend and represent the organization at education-related events including the National Association for Music Education and the 2016 NAMM Show.

Stressed about STRATEGIES AND COMMUNICATIONS for the 2016 NAMM SHOW?  I can assist! (as long as you're outside the piano segment...) 
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RAVI Unites Keynote speaker Ravi Hutheesing streamlined his brand, social media and website in order to convey his goal to unite cultures and generations in entrepreneurial, inspirational efforts.  My job: develop a set of recommendations to elevate Ravi's brand, including my own views, observations of other cultural leaders, and by conducting a far-ranging survey of Ravi's brand awareness propelled by social media. 

Planned Lifetime Assistance Network of New Jersey, Inc. Strategic planning has been completed for 2015-18, and the Annual Report is off to the printer. My job: support the Executive Director in leading the strategic planning process to ensure all families in New Jersey have access to the supports and services of this unique agency serving individuals with disabilities and their families. Writing and producing the annual report with input from staff and board.

J3 Music Studios/Hal Leonard Publishing Musical Tales for Modern Minds, a pre-K-2 storybook and music series, has launched in catalogs and conferences reaching nearly 20,000 music educators nationwide.  My job: as the Executive Editor of the Teaching Guides, I edited the author's classroom activities, helped integrate other academic subjects, and wrote the wraparound copy.

November 2014 
From November 11-17, learn more about autism... watch the video and donate to the my client Sesame Street's autism understanding initiative: ... you may win a visit to the set of Sesame Street...  Spoiler alert: Country Music Association is aligning with my client Casio America to establish music studios in key Boys & Girls Clubs of America (more soon)... Musical Tales for Modern Minds, my daughter Julia Kamanda's  project with Hal Leonard Publishing, has an indiegogo campaign where you can get recognized for your support to the printing of the books! at On December 11, join me and the Manhattan Producer's Alliance as we reveal some of the 'best apps for music classrooms' at Apple Store, Soho... MAJOR last-minute spot secured in the 2015 NAMM Show HotZone for the Manhattan Producer's Alliance, featuring their must-attend session on Producing Music for Small Screens.
September 2014 Off to the back-to-school races! Excited to announce short-term projects with my pals at Sesame Workshop to manage key Community Engagement efforts. Also supporting the Executive Director of Planned Lifetime Services of New Jersey prepare her annual board meeting strategic communications.  Soon announcing a new education partner for Casio America, and booking speakers for October's "Noting the New Music Classroom" event at Apple Store, Soho. Check back for more!
August 2014 Tech client DoReMIR Music Research's core product ScoreCloud nailed another crazy-visible mention, this time in the New York Times alongside Instagram, Spotify, YouTube and Vine. Watch for music industry trade publication reviews coming soon.  Can ScoreCloud pass their 'reviewer stress tests'?   This month I'm planning a special "not your mama's music education event" for Casio (that's just what we call it around here, LOL). We're popping up in some unlikely places, and you'll all be invited! Later this fall, fun hosting gig "Noting The New Music Classroom" at Apple Soho will take a back-to-school tour of the latest apps for music classrooms with friends from the Manhattan Producer's Alliance. 
July 2014 I love it when global visibility strikes! Watch this CNN International profile of ScoreCloud inventor Sven Ahlback.  Over 250,000 musicians around the world are using this groundbreaking music notation too.  Way to go, Sven and the ScoreCloud team! If you're in Nashville July 16-20, we want to see you. Casio is hosting events for pro musicians, music teachers and education leaders.  Join us!
June 2014 Michelle Moog-Koussa, Executive Director of the Bob Moog Foundation, was special guest for the second Noting the New Music Classroom event, held June 3, 2014 at Apple Soho in Manhattan.  Stay tuned for the next Noting the New Music Classroom event at Apple Soho, early September 2014.  Bob Moog fans, music and science educators, theremin enthusiasts and synthesizer aficionados and came to talk about the importance of including the arts in science and mathematics education, and we discussed the foundation's flagship educational program, Dr. Bob's Sound School. This initiative takes an innovative approach to teaching the science of sound through the magic of music in early elementary classrooms.  Check out their work and get involved! Promotional support for this event was provided by the Manhattan Producer's Alliance, New York City Department of Education, the Audio Engineering Society,  and Little Kids rock.  A million thanks!


With Elmo and friends from Nigeria's "Sesame Square"