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July 2014  
I love it when global visibility strikes! Watch this CNN International profile of  ScoreCloud inventor Sven Ahlback.  Over 250,000 musicians around the world are using this groundbreaking music notation too.  Way to go, Sven and the ScoreCloud team! 

If you're in Nashville July 16-20, we want to see you, Casio is hosting events for pro musicians, music teachers and education leaders.  Join us! Register here

June 2014 
Michelle Moog-Koussa, Executive Director of the Bob Moog Foundation, was my special guest for the second Noting the New Music Classroom event, held June 3, 2014 at Apple Soho in Manhattan.  Stay tuned for the next Noting the New Music Classroom event at Apple Soho, early September 2014.  

Bob Moog fans, music and science educators, theremin enthusiasts and synthesizer aficionados and came to talk about the importance of including the arts in science and mathematics education, and we discussed the foundation's flagship educational program, Dr. Bob's Sound School. 

This initiative takes an innovative approach to teaching the science of sound through the magic of music in early elementary classrooms.  Check out their work and get involved! 

Promotional support for this event was provided by the Manhattan Producer's Alliance, New York City Department of Education, the Audio Engineering Society,  and Little Kids rock.  A million thanks!